What You’ve Overcome is Your Gift to the World


Your book completely done for you. Together we will dig into what you know, what you believe, and all the stories that got you to where you are today. We will craft your unique message into a world-class book. Click the link below to learn more about the process.


You want to write yourself, but you have a hard time getting started. You worry that: your writing sucks, your grammar sucks, and that nobody will care. I can help you get started. First, read my Book-in-You Extractor Tool, then click the button below to get started.

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Download my 7-minute Book-in-You Extraction Tool to uncover your story, master your message and get started on the book you’ve been wanting to write. Learn and understand how your story is the basis for your book, and discover how your story is eternal.

Take The First Step to Your Book

I call it a valuable message. Others call it a big idea. Whatever name it goes by, you need to be absolutely clear on it before you write your book. It drives your efforts and controls everything you do. You can find a detailed article here. Or, if you don’t have time to read the entire thing right now, download the 7-minute “Book-In-You Extractor Tool.” It will make you think about your story in a unique way. Download it now.


Check out what some of my amazing clients are saying.
Ian Szabo

Ian Szabo

Owner at Flip School

“I didn’t really expect to get a book contract when I wrote up a one page proposal and sent it off to a major publishing company. When I got the contract I thought, “Oh shit, now I actually have to do this.” I knew I couldn’t write a book on my own, and I knew I wanted to work with someone that made me feel comfortable and who could see the bigger picture. In addition to writing an awesome book, some of the best moments of my life came while working with Zander. He helped me get my message out into the world, and I learned a ton about myself in the process.”
Jim Sheils

Jim Sheils

Co-founder at Board Meetings

“Zander has been integral to my writing on several occasions. He edited my first book The Family Board Meeting, making my message more impactful. After that, I hired Zander as a writing coach. He taught me how to set a regular writing rhythm. Both my book and blog articles have reached thousands of people, including many influential entrepreneurs who got behind my message. The writing has made a huge impact, and it helped Board Meetings sell out our retreat as a result. Zander is the best at getting people to write meaningful and impactful words.”

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