Case Studies

A small selection of past book projects.

Ian Szabo: From Renos to Riches

Ian’s first book was both practical and inspiring. Ian always speaks from the heart, so our challenge in writing this book was to convey his unique message while ensuring the book was full of practical real estate tips and advice. The book is filled with several stories from Ian’s life and those of the real estate investors highlighted. This book was a game changer for both Ian and myself. See Ian’s website for more information.

Jim Sheils: The Family Board Meeting

Jim has a one-of-a-kind vision for families, especially entrepreneurial families. He came to me with a rough copy and a world-class method for transforming family relationships. Our challenge was presenting his practical method while at the same time telling a powerful story. I provided structural guidance and editorial help to improve his already excellent product. The result has been stunning. Thousands have read Jim’s book and implemented the Family Board Meeting strategy. One of the most important books I’ve ever worked on. Go to Jim’s website for more information.

Philip McKernan: Rich on Paper, Poor on Life

Personal growth and transformation follow in Philip’s wake. He’s one of the most in-demand personal development trainers and speakers in the world. He’s coached thousands of people, given talks before hundreds of thousands, and tens of thousands more have read this book. Our challenge was to stay true to Philip’s powerful storytelling style, which he has mastered from stage. Visit Philip’s website for more information.

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