We trust all the wrong things.
We trust the next big partnership. We trust the difference makers and big names. We trust the joint ventures. 
We go to conferences. We ask for inclusion. We trust marketing specialists, accountants, consultants, coaches, lawyers, and bankers.
There is a place for all of these people and their advice can be valuable.
But what we really need is to trust the work.
Our work.
Every kind of creation is an act of self trust or it’s nothing. Why else am I writing these words? I ask you to read them and let them move you because I believe in them. 
I trust myself with this message.
But too few of us trust our message — even slightly — because we haven’t done the work.
So we turn to tricks, associations, and marketing maneuvers. 
Nothing replaces the work. 
It can appear that people are lazy, but I don’t believe that. We will work ourselves to death if we think it’s the right path. We’re not lazy. We’re willing to do whatever it takes. But few of us believe the work is what it takes.
It is.  
We’re not lazy. We just don’t understand the relationship between the work and the result. So we keep looking around for tricks and hacks. But there are no tricks or hacks. This is a long game. The thought leaders and creators you admire have done [and continue to do] the work.
Their work.
They started a long time ago and they engage daily. 
What is “The Work”
“The Work” is not “work.”
The work is what takes you out of that drudgery of labor you call your job [or business]. No amount of money results in freedom of the mind. But the work can lead you there.
Life has some major categories: friends and family, health… and work…
Are you doing yours?
You can continue to put off the work. Do you think it’s going to get any easier? You can keep doing the thing you’re doing now and expect that one day you’ll do the real work — when you have time. Or you can just do the work now.
The choice is the same now as it has ever been. And it’s yours to make. Right now. 
Thought leaders think. Writers write. Creators create. Builders build. How much thinking are you doing? How much writing? How much creating? How much building?
Don’t trust tricks and hacks. Don’t wait for anyone to tell you it’s time to start. Trust your work instead. Trust it consistently for months and years.
Trust the work. 

Zander Robertson headshots - 2015 (1 of 9)Hey! I’m Zander, and I’ve ghostwritten more than 20 books for major publishing houses and self-publishers. I’m also editor-in-chief of the ManTalks blog. When I’m not writing I help entrepreneurs understand, own, and tell their story through a process I call a “story extraction.”

I also help them get writing through my Creative Life Coaching. I believe the world turns on powerful, raw, and true stories. Book a call with me [or email me at info@zanderrobertson.com] to uncover your own story and to get writing now. 


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